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I want to begin by saying thank you. Your leadership in generosity contributes to the long-standing strength of Union’s community of faith and our on-going effort to be a faithful witness for Jesus Christ. I am grateful for your deep commitment to the ministry of this congregation.

Isn’t it amazing how much joy we find in giving to others? It is a secret I wish more people could discover for themselves! Providing gifts that feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, and create safe shelter for those without is not simply a mandate of the Gospel (Matthew 25), but it is who we are as people created in the image of a generous God, a God who has been revealed to us in Christ as one who deeply and passionately loves us. The Gospel really is good news – news that we are called to share.

Union is at an important crossroad (pun intended). I have been Senior Minister for two years now and have seen our attendance and membership stabilize and our child and youth ministry start to grow again. Our Outreach Ministry is seeing a springtime as new leadership seeks to engage the congregation in living the Gospel in new ways. We are on the cusp of a resurgence, and need both the staff and financial resources to make this potential a reality. By returning to two full-time clergy on staff in 2017, Union is committing to supporting the growth of our congregation while at the same time seeking to break new ground by developing new community partnerships and opportunities for engaging the Gospel in the wider world.

In many ways, it is our monetary gifts that fuel and empower that ministry to take place. As we voted to do in our annual meeting in January, we are now asking you to consider making an additional pledge to Union in what we are calling our “2017 Second Mile Campaign.” These additional pledges will allow us to call our new Associate Minister for Faith Formation and Community Engagement and to pay for the nearly $12,000 in special assessments the City of Green Bay levied on the church recently for necessary improvements to Madison Street. Our goal of raising an additional $50,000 in pledges for this calendar year will help us reach for that new potential we know Union has; it will help us to be the church God is calling us to be. Please prayerfully consider how you can support Union’s renewed efforts, and return the enclosed pledge card to the church office by the end of April.

In the weeks ahead, you will be hearing stories as to how we as a congregation are engaged in the mission of “changing lives” much as Jesus did in his ministry.  Jesus challenges us, his followers, to be partners in the process of transformation, of bringing wholeness to a fragmented world.

Giving in the manner that sustains a church does not simply happen – it is the result of faith, trust, intentional choices and a life of discipline. Thank you for modeling this way of being a person of faith. We join you in the hope of creating a culture of generosity that touches every person in our church, so that we can all say together “Because of you, Union changes lives.”

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Bridget Flad Daniels