Dear Union Friends,

In a lot of ways, I think the times we’re experiencing right now are a lot like the early church, shortly after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection.
Jesus’ early followers were scared. They weren’t sure of what the future would hold.

And they also knew deep in their souls that Jesus’ ways of love and justice were worth committing their lives.
Our world is struggling—with pandemic, with systemic injustice, with political division. Many of us are scared, unsure of what the future holds.
And, in the face of these struggles, Union’s commitment to make the Christ Spirit dominant in our lives and in all human relations shines like a beacon. It is truly remarkable to see the myriad ways that our church puts flesh on Jesus’ love and justice every day.

It is a testament to God’s spirit active among us that Union is living our faith now more than ever:
We are the church more than ever.
We are growing more than ever.
We are affirming more than ever.
We are united more than ever.
We are serving more than ever.
We are Union more than ever!

Thank you for all of the ways that you support Union’s work to make God’s peace, joy, justice, and love tangible in our world.
I hope you will be inspired by the pages in the brochure linked below, and will join me in pledging to financially support Union’s ministries in the coming year.

It is through your generosity that Union will be able to continue “to make the Christ Spirit dominant in our lives, and in all human relations” in 2021 more than ever!

In Joyful Hope,
Pastor Bridget Flad Daniels

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